24U SimpleTalk

Plugin Info:
Developer:24U Software
Current Version:1.1.1
Current Ver (Mac):
Current Ver (Win):
FileMaker Vers:7+
Platform:Win + Mac
Single License:$58
Dev License:$399
Last Updated:August 2006
FileMaker 7 Compatible FileMaker 8 Compatible FileMaker 8.5 Compatible FileMaker 9 Compatible FileMaker 10 Compatible 
Windows Compatible   OS X Compatible 
Version Changelog

This plug-in allows FileMaker Pro to communicate with user, another FileMaker Pro, and other applications via TCP/IP. You can simply trigger scripts or evaluate calculations in remote FileMaker Pro clients, or seamlessly integrate FileMaker Pro with other TCP/IP capable applications, such as those created with Real Basic or Runtime Revolution. You can even also connect to and control your FileMaker Pro solution via Telnet!


  • Act as server, waiting for a TCP/IP connection from a client app/computer
  • Run a script on demand from the client app/computer
  • Evaluate a calculation on demand from the client app/computer
  • Perform custom commands/actions depending on received data
  • Act as client – connect to a server, send commands, wait for responses
  • Talk to another instance of itself via TCP/IP
  • Let users connect via Telnet and run a script or evaluate a calc
24U SimpleTalk Plugin

Cost:  Shareware       Features:  Network       Developers:  24U Software


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