2empowerFM SQL Runner Changelog

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  • - 2empowerFM SQL Runner 2.53 - 16th February 2012
    • epSQLResult no longer returns results from epSQLExecute called with “useSQLResult=No” in FM11 and later.
  • + 2empowerFM SQL Runner 2.5 - 2nd April 2011
    • This plug-in is now free.
    • Added “waitForIdle=Yes” option that runs SQL queries during the next idle period, allowing statements such as “CREATE TABLE” and “DROP TABLE” to work.
  • + 2empowerFM SQL Runner 2.2 - 17th October 2010
    • Added epSQLQuote, epSQLQuoteDate, epSQLQuoteTime, and epSQLQuoteTimestamp functions.
  • + 2empowerFM SQL Runner 2.1 - 20th August 2010
    • Created new HTML documentation and created a new examples database.
  • + 2empowerFM SQL Runner 1.92 Beta - 15th July 2010
    • Added support for new features available to users of FileMaker 11. SQL statements can handle non-text data by replacing ‘?’ characters with data from function parameters and return non-text data using an epSQLResult function. Using the new SQL engine also fixes some bugs introduced in the old SQL engine, such as the “insert … select” SQL syntax not working.
    • Added additional error information reported by FileMaker’s SQL API (although the errors returned by FileMaker 10 and earlier are not usually useful for debugging your SQL statements).