Address Book Selector Changelog

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  • - Address Book Selector 1.37
    • Buy button now remains enabled when the PlugIn is authorized.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.36
    • Support for site licenses and unlimited license.
    • Added extra functions in the FWAB_ManageAuthorization function to enable and disable access to the PlugIn preferences.
    • Added extra functions in the FWAB_ManageAuthorization function to erase the SerialNumber from the PlugIn preferences file, to make it more difficult for unauthorized persons to ‘hijack’ a Site or Unlimited license serial number.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.35
    • Added the FWAB_SMSWithSkype function
  • + Address Book Selector 1.34 - 8th September 2012
    • Fixed a rather obscure bug where the preference file could become corrupted
    • Fixed missing localization text in the Preferences dialog.
    • Changed the ‘Buy’ function that gets invoked from the PlugIn Preferences screen to make the PlugIn compatible with Mountain Lion. See the section about authorizing the PlugIn for more details
    • Added the FWAB_CallWithSkype function.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.30
    • Added the FWAB_ManageAuthorization function to enable authorization, deauthorization, buy and demo functionality directly from a Filemaker solution.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.29
    • Fixed some major memory leaks.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.28
    • Bugfix workarounds for FWAB_FindModificationTimestamp function.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.27
    • Added ‘All’ as MultiUID parameter in the FWAB_DeleteMultiValue function
  • + Address Book Selector 1.26
    • New Function FWAB_FindModificationTimestamp to find all ABPerson records that have been modified on, before, or after a certain date and time.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.25
    • New Functions to transfer a complete MultiValue including labels in one go:
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_Email
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_Phone
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_URL
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_CalendarURI
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_OtherDate
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_RelatedName
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_Jabber
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_MSN
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_Yahoo
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_ICQ
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_AIM
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_InstantMessage
      • FWAB_PutMultiValue_SocialProfile
  • + Address Book Selector 1.24
    • Another bugfix in FWAB_DeleteMultiUID which caused a crash in MacOS 10.5 and 10.6
    • Improved speed of FWAB_GetUID by a factor 20.
    • New FWAB_PutMultiValue_Address function. Transfers a complete address including labels, street, zip, city, country, etc. in one go.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.23
    • Corrected a typo in the FWAB_DeleteMultiUID function prototype
    • Bugfix in FWAB_DeleteMultiUID
  • + Address Book Selector 1.22
    • The Plug-In now also works in runtime Filemaker solutions. Please note that the user must have a valid authorization for the Plug-In!
  • + Address Book Selector 1.21
    • The time returned for the modification- and creation timestamp now follows the 24 hour clock.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.20
    • Modified all fuctions that deal with dates or timestamps to use one format. The format expected in FWAB_Put… functions is yyyy-MM-dd where the leading zero may be skipped. The format returned by the FWAB_Get… function is yyyy-MM-dd for date fields and yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss for the modification- and creation timestampfields
    • Added ‘anniversary’ to the localized labels.
    • Added ‘Debug’ format to FWAB_Version function to return the the Debug status of the
    • Plug-In. Should normally return the value ‘NO’.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.19
    • Added ‘SKU’ format to FWAB_Version function to return the product code of the PlugIn.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.18
    • When deleting an ABRecord or MultiValue with the FWAB_DeleteRecord and FWAB_DeleteMultiValue function is succesful ‘Yes’ is returned as result, in stead of just an empty value.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.17
    • When putting an empty value from Filemaker into a MultiValue in the Address Book the MultiValue mayl get deleted automatically by the Address Book framework. The Plug-In will return -1 as third value if this happens to signal the Filemaker database that the corresponding MultiUID and values shuld be removed.ku.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.15
    • When putting an empty value from Filemaker into the Address Book the ABRecord could get deleted automatically by the Address Book framework when there was no longer data left in any of the fields of the ABRecord in question. This is now prevented by putting or the localized equivalent in the Note field of the Address Book record.
    • Added the GetSingle parameter ‘CardDav’ which returns the vCard ID of the record.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.14
    • The FWAB_SaveAddressBook function did not work. Fixed.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.1
    • Bugfixes
    • FWAB_AddToGroup function added
    • FWAB_RemoveFromGroup function added.
  • + Address Book Selector 1.0
    • Initial release.