Atomic Dialog

Plugin Info:
Developer:Atomic Plugins
Current Ver (Mac):1.91
Current Ver (Win):1.94
FileMaker Vers:7+
Platform:Win + Mac
Single License:$25
Dev License:$125
FileMaker 7 Compatible 
Windows Compatible   OS X Compatible 

Atomic Dialog is a cross platform dialog plugin for FileMaker.


  • Up to 4 Custom Button controls each with user-definable labels!
  • Up to 4 custom input fields!
  • Up to 4 custom popup/dropdown menus with ability to substitute one with an edit field, or password field.
  • Ability to choose between large and small sized dialogs.
  • Mac users can choose between white or gray dialog colors.
  • Alert messages containing standard icons. Mac users – yours will dynamically size for you!
  • Ability to position your dialogs on the fly!
  • One input field can be assigned to be a Bulleted password field (no bullet font needed!)
  • Custom title bar so you can name your dialog box. Developers get rid of “FileMaker Pro” on your dialogs!
  • When there are no fields defined, you can have one large text dialog with up to 230 characters.
  • International characters are now supported!
  • Internal variable storage allows for sharing of data between layouts and databases without the use of global fields or complex relationships!

Atomic Dialog Plugin

Cost:  Shareware       Features:  Dialogs       Developers:  Atomic Plugins


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