Daylite FileMaker Connector

Plugin Info:
Current Version:1.0
Current Ver (Mac):
Current Ver (Win):
FileMaker Vers:8.5+
FileMaker 8.5 Compatible FileMaker 9 Compatible 
OS X Compatible 

Daylite works at the center of your business, helping you stay on track and deliver on time. From shared calendars to simple projects, to contact management to email integration, Daylite keeps you organized and frees your mind of clutter. Get Daylite, worry less and spend time doing what you do best.

With the Daylite FileMaker Connector you can move data between Daylite and FileMaker. Records can be sent to FileMaker or pulled into Daylite with custom field mappings and according to certain criteria. For example, you can pull records such as contacts, tasks, and appointments from FileMaker, work with them in Daylite, and send updates to FileMaker to complete the process. Implement your business’ unique needs in FileMaker and use Daylite for the rest.

Pull information from FileMaker
Setup a pull profile, specify the FileMaker database, the table and the fields and how they map to Daylite objects and fields.

Push information from Daylite
Setup a push profile by specifying the Daylite data you want to push using the familiar smart list system, then specify the FileMaker database and table and how the fields map.

Automate it
The push and pull operations can be scripted to run at a specified time and at any interval using cron and AppleScript.

A server license costs around $315 and a single user license of Daylite costs from $240.

Daylite FileMaker Connector

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