2empowerFM Layout Printer

This Plugin is no longer available.

From the Developer:

Layout Painter was first developed for FileMaker 7. Since then, FileMaker has added more ways to change the color of layout objects, the web viewer lets you draw graphics within its rectangle, and FileMaker 11 even has built-in graphing.

All of this has greatly reduced the number of things that Layout Painter can do that aren’t already built in to later FileMaker versions, leaving Layout Painter with a very small market.

At the same time, Layout Painter is one of our hardest plug-ins to maintain, requiring an enormous amount of testing and tweaking with each new FileMaker version to ensure that drawing operations remain in sync with how FileMaker handles drawing internally.

Therefore, we have reluctantly decided to discontinue active development of Layout Painter for the foreseeable future. We will continue to support existing users with updates during their first year of purchase, but potential new users should be aware that we will no longer guarantee to update Layout Painter for future FileMaker versions.