FileBooks Link

This Plugin is no longer available, please see FM Books Connector.

From the Developer:

Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, today announced the acquisition of the FileBooks Link plug-in product line from HAPPY Software, Inc. and the release of a newly enhanced version of the FM Books Connector plug-in.

“This acquisition and product release introduces the consolidation of the two predominant methods developers use when integrating FileMaker Pro with QuickBooks into a single plug-in. As a result, the FileBooks Link product is no longer available for sale however this new version of the FM Books Connector plug-in now offers the additional XML functionality with nearly identical function calls used with the FileBooks Link plug-in. In addition we have detailed technical documentation outlining which FM Books Connector functions correspond to which FileBooks Link functions. These extra functions and documentation were added to the FM Books Connector product in order to provide those developers who are more familiar with the FileBooks Link plug-in an easy and familiar way to use the FM Books Connector plug-in.

By combining the technology and support infrastructure of the these two leading-edge plug-ins, we will continue to drive innovations that help developers everywhere integrate FileMaker Pro with QuickBooks.” – CEO, Marc Larochelle

Existing FileBooks Link customers can continue to use the FileBooks Link plug-in licenses as they always have however no new licenses will be sold.