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Developer:Productive Computing
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FileMaker Vers:7+
Single License:$180
Last Updated:November 2012
FileMaker 7 Compatible FileMaker 8 Compatible FileMaker 8.5 Compatible FileMaker 9 Compatible FileMaker 10 Compatible FileMaker 11 Compatible FileMaker 12 Compatible 
Windows Compatible   
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The FM Books Connector plug-in provides FileMaker Pro access to every available record stored in a QuickBooks company file. Using this plug-in you can freely and easily exchange data between these two powerful applications. Using the plug-in is as simple as using a handful of script steps and does not require any XML!


  • Allows you to populate QuickBooks with FileMaker data
  • Allows you to extract data from QuickBooks into FileMaker
  • Does not require knowledge of XML or other “non-FileMaker” technologies to implement
  • Communicates with all available QuickBooks Tables, Records and Fields
  • Includes easy to understand demo file which shows you how to program the most common types of integration
  • Can be easily implemented using only a few script commands
  • On-line tutorial videos available for coding examples

Example uses:

  • Add, edit or delete QuickBooks customer or vendor data from FileMaker
  • Push or pull Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Estimates
  • Query customer, vendor or invoice balances
  • Pull customer, vendor, invoice, or account lists
  • Push or pull expenses
  • Eliminate double entry
  • Push, pull or query inventory
Productive Computings FM Books Connector Plugin

Cost:  Shareware       Features:  Integration       Developers:  Productive Computing


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  1. Johannes Thormann says:

    Hi, we are using filemaker pro 12 for normal database and quickbook for generate .iif’s. My question is, allows this plug-in to import iif’s into fmp12? And are we able to create tables for iif’s in fmp12?
    We are using both programms on MAC.

    Thank you,


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