Jake Traynham of CNS Plugins

FileMaker Plugin Developer: CNS Plugins

Number of Plugins: 11 FileMaker Plugins

When did you first start using FileMaker?


What made you start making FileMaker Plugins?

My mother owns a collectibles store and my brother and I were creating a database in FileMaker Pro 4 for her to use for inventory and what not. We wanted to use some plug-ins and we simply didn’t like what was available. So, me being a Computer Science major, I started writing plug-ins with the goal of making better plug-ins than were out there or at least spurring competition to get plug-ins to evolve.

Do you use any plugins created by other people? If so which ones?

Currently? … ummm, no, I don’t think so. 🙂

Which of your own plugins do you feel is your best work?

Hmm… CNS Menu is my favorite, but I’ve put the most sweat and tears into CNS Audit.

Do you think making plugins cross-platform is important?

Most definitely. You lose sales if your plug-ins are not cross-platform.

What do you think of FileMaker adding features that come from Plugins? Such as Printing to PDF and Script Triggering?

FMI will never put the time and effort into these features that an independent plug-in developer would or could. So, it doesn’t bother me at all. We do and will continue to get “why would I use your product if it’s built-in” questions and we will continue to prove that if a developer needs more than the basic functionality, a plug-in is the way to go.

What do you think the next feature originally come from a plugin FileMaker will add will be?

No idea, not worried about it.

Do you think Free plugins harm companies who sell plugins?

No, because someone who develops free plug-ins usually can’t support their products to the level that a company who sells their plug-ins can. We have always striven to provide the best support we can for our products and we have the testimonials to prove it.

What features would make the next version FileMaker perfect?

Better/More Plug-in APIs. 🙂

Any tips for people who want to make a FileMaker Plugin themselves?

Sure … come to DevCon and attend my workshop. 🙂 At FM DevCon 09, I’ll be presenting 2 workshops for the first time plug-in developer.