Plugin Info:
Current Version:0.4.9
Current Ver (Mac):
Current Ver (Win):
Features:File Manipulation
FileMaker Vers:7+
Last Updated:July 2010
FileMaker 7 Compatible FileMaker 8 Compatible FileMaker 8.5 Compatible FileMaker 9 Compatible FileMaker 10 Compatible FileMaker 11 Compatible 
Windows Compatible   
Version Changelog

MooPlug is a multi-feature FileMaker Plugin which which originally written as a personal project to help create an Auto-Update system for a Runtime Project which was later released to the public as freeware.

It is currently a Windows only plugin, for a Mac version is in progress so it will cross platform eventually.


  • Dialogs:
    • Show Colour Picker Dialogs
    • Show Browse for File Dialogs
    • Show Browse for Folder Dialogs
  • File Manipulation:
    • Create / Delete Files
    • Copy / Move Files
    • Read File Contents
    • Get File Information such as created/modified date, size and version
  • Folder Manipulation:
    • Create / Delete Folders
    • Copy / Move Folders
    • List Folder Contents
  • FTP:
    • Upload and Download individual files
    • Optionally show a progress dialog
  • Hotkeys:
    • Set Hotkeys to run Scripts
    • Optionally set script parameters
    • Remove Hotkeys per Layout etc
  • Processes:
    • List Running Processes
    • Check for Running Processes
    • Kill a Process
  • ZIP Archives:
    • Add files to a ZIP Archive, matching file patterns
    • Extract ZIP Contents


Cost:  Freeware       Features:  File Manipulation, FTP, Hashing, Misc       Developers:  MooWare


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