xmCHART 3.4.4 Maintainance Release

X2max Software is pleased to announce the official release of xmCHART 3.4.4 for FileMaker Pro 8/8.5/9/10/11

Bug Fixes:

  • Mac OS X: ATSU error, resolved with a silent fallback on the default font.
  • Mac OS X: Cursor position bug resolved. On rarly occuring occations a wrong cursor position was returned by xmCH_GetMouse().
  • Bar and Gantt Charts: Fixed a cosmetic issue related to cylindric bars.
  • Radar and Polar Charts: Arrows with optional heads on both ends are now supported correctly.

xmCHART 3.4 is a powerful charting and drawing plug-in for FileMaker Pro. It upports all basic chart types such as bars, lines, areas, scatters, pies, bubbles, high-Lows, radar or Gantt charts. A comprehensive set of over 150 functions allows you to customize almost every parts of a chart such as scalings, axes or grids. To perfect a chart you can add a title, legend, labels or a background picture. xmCHART 3.4 is available for Windows and Mac OS X.
Demo Versions

Fully functional demo versions of xmCHART 3.4.4 for Windows and Mac OS X can be downloaded under:
Upgrade to xmCHART 3.4

All customers who have a valid license for xmCHART 3.x get xmCHART 3.4.4 for free. Simply download and replace your earlier copy of xmCHART. All other customers can upgrade to version 3.4 at a discounted price.

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 – Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.
  • FileMaker Pro (Advanced) 8/8.5/9/10/11 or FileMaker Pro Runtime
  • For IWP and CWP+PHP: FileMaker Server 9/10/11 Advanced

Contact Information

e-fax:    001 (360) 838 9457
e-mail:   support@x2max.com
web site: www.x2max.com