BaseElements FileMaker Plugin released free and Open Source

Goya is pleased to announce the release of their free and open source plugin for FileMaker. The BaseElements plugin is a fully cross platform plugin to enhance your FileMaker solutions that is not only available for unlimited free use to end users and workgroups, but also available under an open source licence.

For the first time, FileMaker users and developers will have access to a fully featured, cross platform FileMaker plugin that is not only free to use but free to enhance and extend to their own desires. Developed initially for the BaseElements FileMaker developer tool, this plugin is now available for all.

The BaseElements plugin allows users to add to and enhance their FileMaker solutions via the plugin interface. By adding options to perform File, XSLT, Dialog, Clipboard and more functions, FileMaker developers can work on extending and improving their FileMaker solutions without extra cost or licencing issues.

“We developed this plugin for our own use, as we wanted a single plugin to perform a core set of functions, but realised that the functions we were building were going to be useful to other developers as well. In the end it was decided that we would release it as an open source plugin and give it back to the FileMaker community. We hope that other plugin developers take it on, and adapt and extend our code for themselves. But this isn’t the finish, we already have plans for more functions to add in the future, but it will always remain available for free to everyone.” said Nicholas Orr, Owner of Goya Pty Ltd.

The plugin adds the following functions to FileMaker Pro :

  • Dialogs
    • BE_AlternateButton
    • BE_CancelButton
    • BE_DisplayDialog
    • BE_OKButton
    • BE_SelectFile
    • BE_SelectFolder
  • Clipboard
    • BE_ClipboardFormats
    • BE_ClipboardText
    • BE_SetClipboardText
  • File
    • BE_CopyFile
    • BE_CreateFolder
    • BE_DeleteFile
    • BE_FileExists
    • BE_ListFilesInFolder
    • BE_MoveFile
    • BE_ReadTextFromFile
    • BE_SelectFile
    • BE_SelectFolder
    • BE_StripInvalidUTF16CharactersFromXMLFile
    • BE_WriteTextToFile
  • XSLT
    • BE_ApplyXSLT
  • Shell
    • BE_ExecuteShellCommand
  • URL
    • BE_OpenURL
  • FileMaker
    • BE_FileMaker_Fields
    • BE_FileMaker_Tables

The source code for the plugin is available from github and the downloads are linked directly from the plugin website.

BaseElements Plugin
BaseElements Plugin GitHub Page

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Goya Pty Ltd is a software development company that has specialised in FileMaker Pro based software solutions for over 10 years. With developers certified for FileMaker 7 through to 11, Goya are recognised as one of the premier FileMaker developers, as well as one of the few Platinum level FileMaker Business Alliance Members in Australia.