2empowerFM SQL and Clipboard FileMaker Plug-ins Are Now Free

Dracoventions announces the immediate availability of 2empowerFM SQL Runner v2.5 and 2empowerFM Clipboard Explorer v2.5 for FileMaker Pro.

These plug-ins are now completely free, which means Dracoventions now has the largest number of free FileMaker plug-ins in the FileMaker community.

Company founder, Chris Dragon, says, “I decided it was time to focus on our more innovative plug-ins, like Developer Assistant and Hands-Free Printer, by making two more of our low-cost plug-ins free.

This change will further empower FileMaker developers by providing them a larger family of free and stable plug-ins that include centralized support and maintenance updates.”

About SQL Runner

2empowerFM SQL Runner lets you use the industry-standard Structured Query Language to read and write FileMaker data. SQL Runner works anywhere you can use a FileMaker calculation, allowing you to:

  • Run SQL commands to read or write FileMaker data from any table without changing layouts or creating FileMaker table relationships.
  • Where scripts can’t be called, such as in a field validation or auto-enter calculation, an SQL query can do things that would normally require a multiple-step script or a layout change.
  • Use an SQL query in a calculated field to generate dynamic pop-up lists.
  • Create or destroy FileMaker tables from any calculation.

About  Clipboard Explorer

2empowerFM Clipboard Explorer lets you examine, save, and restore things copied to the clipboard from various programs, including FileMaker itself. You can do things like:

  • Retrieve something you’ve copied to the clipboard and store it in a database for easy searching and organization.
  • Retrieve FileMaker scripts, layout objects, HTML pages, Word documents, and many other clipboard formats.
  • Put anything previously retrieved back on the clipboard, then paste it wherever you originally copied it from with no loss of formatting.
  • Search and replace in FileMaker script steps you’ve copied, then paste the altered script steps back into your FileMaker script.


2empowerFM SQL Runner v2.5 is available immediately at sql.2empowerFM.com

2empowerFM Clipboard Explorer v2.5 is also available immediately at clipboard.2empowerFM.com

These plug-ins are both free. Other plug-ins in the 2empowerFM family start at just $19 for a single user.
About Dracoventions

At Dracoventions, we invent software. Whether we’re finding ways to let you search all your FileMaker scripts or automate print jobs, we’re always inventing new tools to empower your use of FileMaker. Dracoventions is a FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member and is located in Valley Village, CA, USA.

With over 25 years of software engineering experience, company founder Chris Dragon was inspired by the business needs of his former employer to create the 2empowerFM Family of FileMaker Plug-ins. These plug-ins include Developer Assistant, Dialog Master, Menu Popper, Text Toolkit, and many others. For more information, visit www.2empowerFM.com.

Chris Dragon
(818) 588-6418