Dacons LLP FileFire Advanced released

Dacons LLP announces the immediate availability of FileFire Advanced for FileMaker 11, 10, 9, 8.x and 7.

FileFire Advanced is an indispensable FileMaker plug-in that improves the way you manage and reference external files.

This maintenance update provides improved functionality and addresses some minor issues.

Main Features of FileFire Advanced

  • Import or reference all items of a specific folder (including office documents)
  • Have users specify external files or folders using system dialogs and retrieve selected paths in ScriptMaker List items of any folder or volume in FileMaker
  • Batch export files or references from container fields into user specified folders
  • Launch any external file from FileMaker together with its parent application
  • Manipulate the file attributes, like name, icon, size, creation and modification dates
  • Create, copy, move and delete files and folders
  • Zip and UnZip archives
  • Find files and folders on disk
  • Script the status dialogs
  • … and much more

Enrich your solution with stunning file management features not seen before in FileMaker.

About this Update
The following improvements have been implemented with FileFire Advanced

  • Improved: Added support for large Zip files (over 2Gb).
  • Fixed: Problem selecting multiple files on Windows has been addressed.
  • Fixed: Problem accessing bundles with aliases inside on Mac OS X has been addressed.

Registered FileFire Advanced users can download this update for free at:

Availability of FileFire Advanced
FileFire Advanced is available at:

A fully working trial version is available for download at:

License packages start at US$59.00 (single user). Full line of very affordable developer and network licenses is available as well. FileFire Express users can upgrade for a significant discount at:

For FileMaker 6 and 5 users launch.it 2 is still available.

What can FileFire Advanced do for you

  1. Create professional document libraries that link relevant files to FileMaker records
  2. Add file attributes to solutions that import or reference external files
  3. Manage external files on disk from within FileMaker
  4. Integrate FileFire Advanced features with FileMaker script steps such as Insert File, Insert Picture, Insert QuickTime and Export Field Contents (requires FileMaker 8 or later) to create dynamic file management solutions
  5. Archive database backups in ZIP format