Dacons LLP MenuControl for FileMaker 11 and Earlier Released

Dacons LLP announces the immediate availability of MenuControl for FileMaker 11 and earlier. This maintenance update provides improved functionality and addresses some minor issues.

MenuControl 4 includes an entire suite of menu and security functions not found in the default FileMaker 11 Advanced custom menu feature:

  • Modify the default FileMaker main menu or create your own menu sets
  • Customize context menus for fields, layouts or files (right-click menus)
  • Create Pop-up menus with cascading sub-menus
  • Change specific menu items on the fly
  • Disable/enable menu items according to the situation
  • Modify ALL relevant menu items (including Application menu, Quit/Exit)
  • Disable file window control buttons (minimize, maximize, close)
  • Install menu centrally for all layouts or all files
  • Assign all relevant keyboard shortcuts to menu items (incl. F-keys)
  • Remove all FileMaker menu items and create a Thin Client interface
  • Easy point-and-click creation of custom menus
  • Create custom menu in FileMaker 8 Pro and earlier
  • Much more intuitive with huge flexibility

About this Update
The following improvements have been implemented with MenuControl

  • Fixed: In FileMaker 11, on Mac OS X, in case if document contains a scroll bar, Pop-Up and Context menus could get displays in a wrong position. This has been addressed.
  • Fixed: Empty Context menu could prevent the plug-in from displaying Context menu for another event. This has been addressed.
  • Fixed: In FileMaker 11, on Mac OS X, in case if database displays a custom dialog window, menu item click could make this menu item permanently inactive. This has been addressed.
  • Fixed: In FileMaker 11, on Mac OS X, using ‘Ctrl + Click’ wouldn’t show the custom context menu. This has been addressed.

Registered MenuControl 4 users can download this update for free at:

Availability of MenuControl
For more details on MenuControl and a trial version go to:

Pricing starts at US$ 59 for a single user license. Very affordable cross-platform network and developer licenses that allow for royalty-free redistribution (with a FileMaker solution) are available as well. For more information on MenuControl pricing go to: