FM-iCal-Connector v2.2.5 Release Brings Lion Compatibility

qutic development announces the new version 2.2.5 of FM-iCal-Connector.

What Is It?

FM-iCal-Connector is a powerful solution for connecting your FileMaker Pro database with iCal – without any FileMaker scripting or xml.

With the FM-iCal-Connector FileMaker plug-in, the connectivity of FileMaker solutions on the Mac give you new possibilities to share your iCal events and tasks in an easy way.

Create, get, change or delete calendars, events and tasks directly out of your database. And this works too for calendars hosted by the new iCal-Server or any other CalDav-Server like Google Calendar or Kerio Connect.

The plug-in helps you to integrate FileMaker Pro into the calendar-workflow provided by Apple Inc. with MacOS X 10.5 Leopard. Now, with FM-iCal-Connector, FileMaker is a real calendar team player.

This magic is done without any AppleScript, it is all native Cocoa. There is no need to open iCal-Application itself. And it is really fast.

What’s New in Versiom 2.2.5

Version 2.2.5 brings the compatibility with MacOS X 10.7 Lion and FileMaker 11.  It is a free update for all clients with a license for version 2.2.


Minimum requirement is FileMaker Pro 8.5 and MacOS X 10.5. The plug-in is a universal binary and runs on Intel- and PowerPC- based Mac computer. FileMaker 11 and MacOS X 10.7 Lion are fully supported.


A single user license is about USD 59. Network and developer licenses are available too. Please take a look at the product page under:


FM-iCal-Connector can be downloaded for evaluation purpose from our website:

The download package contains the FM-iCal-Connector plug-in for FileMaker Pro, demo databases and a manual with instructions for all plug-in functions.