Mailit 5 Released

Dacons LLP announces the immediate availability of Mailit 5 for FileMaker 7-11. Mailit is the ultimate email plug-in for FileMaker.

This major update adds 18 new functions that bring several new features such as threaded sending in a background and improved IMAP support. Mailit 5 has important new functions for rich text phrasing, previews and much more…

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What is new in Mailit 5

  • Threaded Sendings
    • Mailit 5 provides Threaded Sending support, which allows sending messages in the background, leaving the FileMaker application accessible for other operations.
  • IMAP
    • Mailit 5 for FileMaker improves the IMAP support by providing a feature to synchronize messages based on unique message identifiers.
    • Mailit 5 provides a functionality to create remote IMAP folders.
    • Mailit 5 let s you upload messages to remote IMAP folders.
  • Sending FileMaker Layouts
    • Mailit 5 provides PNG support, which allows enhancing the image quality of layout messages.
  • Additional Improvements
    • Mailit 5 provides an option to change the log file location.
    • Using the function ‘Emai_GetLastSessionTranscript’ the database may pull the last SMTP/POP3/IMAP session transcript in to a field.

Instant use of Mailit 5 in exchange for Mailit 4 in FileMaker solutions is possible. The transition from Mailit 4 to Mailit 5 is very easy as in most cases no script changes are required. Please refer to a list of non-critical, but recommended changes:
Additional Improvements

For a full list of more features and improvements to Mailit 5 see
Availability of Mailit 5


Mailit 5 is available at:

A fully working trial version of Mailit 5 is available for download at:

License packages start at 59.00 USD (single user). A full line of very affordable developer and network licenses is available as well.
Upgrade Pricing and Upgrade Special

All owners of Mailit 4 can take advantage of a 40% discount while buying Mailit 5 by upgrading their Mailit 4 license to an equal Mailit 5 license. Upgrades start at 49.00 USD for a single user license and at 239.00 USD for a medium developer license.

Upgrades can be purchased immediately at
About Mailit

Mailit 5 integrates full email capability into your FileMaker 7-11 solutions with ease! No external email application is needed!

The Mailit 5 package comes with a great set of ready-to-use FileMaker files for mass-mailing and personal mail management. These are open source files that can be adapted quickly to specific needs.

Special attention has been given to ease-of-use and flexibility. Previous versions of Mailit are at work for thousands of FileMaker users and developers in over 40 countries.

With FileMaker 10-11 you can send simple text emails. Only Mailit 5 brings full email functionality to FileMaker including essential email client features, rich content sending of messages and integration of POP and IMAP email.
For more information on Mailit 5 and FileMaker 7-11 see:
About Dacons LLP

Dacons LLP (Data Consultants) is focused on designing quality FileMaker plug-ins and software extensions. For our customer this means: quality ideas and software concepts, quality program code and quality user interface as well as quality documentation and support. The results are exciting software components, which are easy to use, and that work. Dacons started research and development of software extensions in 1997.