MonkeyBread Software Releases the MBS Filemaker plug-in in version 2.4

Monkeybread Software releases version 2.4 of the MBS plug-in for Filemaker.

The MBS plug-in extends Filemaker with over 500 functions. Very popular are our functions for controlling the webview control on your database forms. Other key features working with PDF files, controlling windows, manipulate pictures and to query system informations. In version 2.4 we improve the existing functions and add a few new functions:

  • Added new ProgressDialog functions.
  • Added Drag and Drop functions for Mac.
  • Added USB functions to find and list connected USB devices.
  • Added CGPSConverter.Convert function.
  • Added String.RemoveNewLine function.
  • Added a String.WriteTextFile function.
  • Added ShowURL function.
  • Added String.ReadTextFile.
  • Added Window.Resizable and Window.SetResizable.
  • Added Window.ShowsToolbarButton and Window.SetShowsToolbarButton to hide toolbar button on Mac OS X.
  • Added String.ReplaceNewline function.
  • Added Window.HideScrollbars and Window.ShowScrollbars function.

Read the complete release notes here:

The plug-in is available for FileMaker 7 to 11 on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and as Universal Binary for Mac OS X. Demos are available on the website, along with license and purchasing information. Not all functions are available on both platforms, so please check the documentation.

The plugins can be downloaded on our website:

The online documentation can be found here:

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For questions you can send us an email or use the feedback forms on our website. Plugin licenses are available starting at just 99 Euro / $149 USD.