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Developer:New Millennium
Current Version:11.0.4
Current Ver (Mac):
Current Ver (Win):
Script Triggering
FileMaker Vers:8.5+
Platform:Win + Mac
Dev License:$550
Last Updated:November 2011
FileMaker 8.5 Compatible FileMaker 9 Compatible FileMaker 10 Compatible FileMaker 11 Compatible 
Windows Compatible   OS X Compatible 
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SecureFM prevents the undesired creation, modification, or deletion of data by giving you the ability to selectively disable FileMaker Pro menu items and functions such as New Database, Delete Record, Delete All, Replace, New Record, Close, or Exit/Quit (and their associated keyboard equivalents) while keeping other menu items available to the user. Disabled functions can continue to be executed by script, giving a developer complete control over the conditions under which a user can access them.

The open environment of FileMaker Pro means that if a user has been given the privilege to edit any data in FileMaker, that user commonly has the ability to edit all data, including the modification and/or deletion of many records at once. For developers trying to create a secure solution, this can present a real problem. SecureFM enables developers and system administrators to ensure data integrity by preventing the inadvertent modification or deletion of records.

You can also rename menus and menu items, and override normal FileMaker menu functions with your own scripts. Additional functions give you the ability to automatically run scripts from keyboard shortcuts that you define, and to run a script whenever the front window changes or when a user enters data into a field.


  • Disable individual menu items and their keyboard equivalents
  • Disable items at startup or on-the-fly (mode-specific, user-specific)
  • Remove or disable entire menus
  • Disable the Minimize, Maximize, Restore, and Close boxes
  • Selectively hide the toolbars and disable contextual menus
  • Assign a password so that only the developer can change these menu definitions
  • Create a default setting to disable selected menu items as soon as FileMaker is launched
  • Rename menus and menu items
  • Call your own scripts from menu items instead of the FileMaker function
  • Automatic changing of menu item names and their actions when the context changes (file, table occurrence, layout, and/or window)… No script required!
  • Call your own scripts from FileMaker’s keyboard shortcuts, contextual menus, and toolbar icons!
  • Assign custom hot keys which will call your scripts, using any modifier keys (or no modifiers)
  • Trigger scripts from a calculation, for instance when tabbing from a field
  • Trigger scripts by the event of a window or layout coming to the front
SecureFM FileMaker Plugin

Cost:  Shareware       Features:  Menus, Script Triggering, Security       Developers:  New Millennium


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