Toolbar Changelog

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  • - Toolbar
    • Added script caching facilities, which helps to improve the script starting speed.
    • Added compatibility to ‘2empowerFM Developer Assistant’ plug-in.
  • + Toolbar
    • Toolbar buttons can be now aligned using the ‘Justify’ style, which can be used to resize all button lines to the width of the widest row.
  • + Toolbar

    • Toolbar is now compatible to FileMaker 11.
    • Toolbar can be attached to the specific database now, which means that Toolbar(s) will be displayed only when the necessary database is active.
    • Toolbars may contain multiple lines now. Use a ‘line-break’ button type to make the next button move to the new line.
    • To comply with the multiple lines concept, multi-line tabs and buttons can be by ‘left’, ‘right’, and ‘center’ aligned.
    • Tab click can also active a script now, beside activating a particular Tab.
    • Toolbar can be attached to any edge of the window (Windows) or screen (Mac OS X).