Plugin Info:
Developer:Atomic Plugins
Current Ver (Mac):3.50
Current Ver (Win):3.64
FileMaker Vers:8.5+
Platform:Win + Mac
Single License:$350
FileMaker 8.5 Compatible FileMaker 9 Compatible FileMaker 10 Compatible 
Windows Compatible   OS X Compatible 

The WindowUtility plugin from Atomic Plugins lets you modify your FileMaker windows.

It is only available with a developer license, with a single platform costing $350 and a cross platform license costing $550.


  • Move any FileMaker Pro Database Window.
  • Resize any FileMaker Pro Database Window.
  • Rename any FileMaker Pro Database Window.
  • Hide any FileMaker Pro Database Window.
  • Show any hidden FileMaker Pro Database Window.
  • Hide or Show/Restore the mouse cursor. Designed for FileMaker Pro Kiosk Mode developers.
  • Windows users can Move and Resize the Application Window.
  • Windows users can Force the Application Window to stay on top.
  • WINDOWS USERS: Internal programming detects FileMaker Pro Database windows regardless of the computers “View” settings. You do not need to worry about users turning on or off “Hide File Extensions for known file types” under the folder options View tab.
  • Customize/set Database icons. Customize/set Application icon (Windows AND OSX).
  • Support for Runtime (Bound) solutions including OSX.
  • Disable/Re-enable the close box ( OSX, and Windows)
  • Disable/Re-enable the minimize box (OSX, and Windows)
  • Disable/Re-enable the zoom (restore) box (OSX, and Windows)
  • Disable/Re-enable the application close box , restore box, and minimize box (Windows)
  • Disable/Re-enable Window resizing (OSX, and Windows)
  • Disable/Re-enable Window scrolling (Windows)
  • Disable/Re-enable entire Database Windows (Windows) This feature locks out the users ability to click or type inside the FileMaker Pro Database windows you select adding a new layer of security to your solutions – This also allows you to create a restored window in front of a disabled maximized window, thus creating the feel of a dialog using FileMaker Pro databases!
  • Query the status of any FileMaker Pro Database window (Hidden/Shown, Minimized, Maximized, Restored)
  • Query your users ability to manipulate your database windows (Can User Scroll Window? Can User Close Window? Can User Minimize Window? Can User resize Window? Can User Maximize Window?)
  • Obtain the current size and position of any FileMaker Pro Database window.
  • Windows users can hide the “Status Bar” found at the bottom of the FM application window.
  • Hide/Show the FileMaker Application Window (Windows)
  • Set Tray Icon with ToolTip, Menu, and Balloon (Windows)
  • Float Window (Windows)
  • Remove Title Bar (Window Caption) (Windows)

Note: The WindowUtility functions that disable the maximize and minimize buttons as well as the function that hides the FileMaker Application are NOT compatible with the MenuControl plug-in. There may be other issues so use these two plug-ins together with caution.

WindowUtility Plugin

Cost:  Shareware       Features:  Misc       Developers:  Atomic Plugins


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